Wunder, E. Douglas
Kutztown, PA
Artist Statement
My jewelry features abstract geometric images. Inspiration comes from the combination of natural and technological objects. The manner in which balance, contrast and shape flow together compose the feel of my work. The creative process begins with a sketched conceptual image. The object of interest is transformed into a technical drawing incorporating engineering and aesthetic concerns. The parts are then cut from sheet metal specifically following the demands of the intended design. Each jewelry item is constructed with titanium and other mixed metals such as gold and silver. The components of each piece are refined and textured. The parts are then arranged in multiple layers and separated by cut pieces of tubing (spacers). Cold connecting with rivets completes the design. My goal is to make jewelry that is unique, well made and pleasing to the eye. The work is challenging although fun to make. I try to express each piece in a clean, detailed and dramatic manner.
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