2023 Art Fair Dates:

July 20 - 22, 2023

 Thursday - Friday:  10am - 9pm
Saturday:  10am - 8pm


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Dart For Art Followed by the Townie Street Party:

Sunday July 16, 2023

 9:00am - 6:00pm


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Thanks for your interest in being an Art Fair Volunteer.  It's a great way to see behind the scenes and be a part of this long tradition.  

Sign-up opportunities are currently open. 
We'd love to have you on our team! 
Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works year-round to put on this event.  From time to time we can use extra help around the office, especially in the 1-2 months prior to Art Fair week. If you are interested in volunteering with us during the year, please send us an e-mail at:   volunteers@artfair.org

Volunteer Assignments

Please take a moment to look through the assignments below. When registering, you will sign up for the position and time slot you desire. The earlier you register, the more choices you have!  When a shift has been filled, it no longer appears on the sign-up form. You are welcome to sign-up for multiple shifts. We ask that you remain flexible, as it's sometimes necessary to make adjustments on-site.


Art Fair 

  • Artist Hospitality (age 16+)
    Volunteers are responsible for keeping food and beverages stocked for artists and sponsors as well as maintaining the appearance of the tent.  At the end of the Fair, Volunteers will help pack up supplies and clean up the area.

  • Boothsitter (age 16+)
    Be an Art Fair insider!  Watch a booth while an Artist takes a break.  Sales not required.  Upon arrival at Volunteer Central, you'll be given a schedule with booth numbers & break times, scheduled in 30-minute increments.  In unassigned time, boothsitters check with Volunteers Coordinator then circulate the Art Fair to offer quick breaks, water, etc. to the Artists.  They'll love you!

  • Floater (age 16+)
    Floaters are assigned to cover shifts as needed due to unforeseen circumstances.  A great spot for the easy-going, flexible Volunteer.

  • Greeter / Barricade  (age 16+)

    Volunteers greet fair-goers, verify crentials to access the Art Fair site, assist guest when loading new purchase, answer questions & redirect traffic as appropriate.  Friendly folks welcome!

  • Info Booth @ NU (age 16+)
    Volunteers are the information source, answering questions about Art Fair and Ann Arbor.  A good chance to use your welcoming smile!  This is also the location for Lost & Found.

  • Info Booth @ WASH (age 16+)
    Volunteers are the information source, answering questions about Art Fair and Ann Arbor.  A good chance to use your welcoming smile!  Volunteers also manage check-out & check-in procedures for complimentary wheelchairs for Visitors.

  • Site Set-Up  (age 15+)  Under direction of Operatioins Manager, Volunteers help clean & positioin chairs, tables, signs, etc.

  • Site Tear-Down  (age 15+)  Volunteers help stack chairs, fold tables, load truck going to storage and any other tasks necessry to restore order to Ingalls Mall.

  • Store  (age 16+)
    Volunteers help sell Art Fair merchandise and posters and help maintain The Store's neat appearance.  Volunteers do not handle  money.  At the end of Art Fair, Volunteers help pack up supplies and clean up the area.

  • Store Set-Up (age 15+)
    Volunteers help unpack, sort, assemble and set up The Store on the day before Art Fair. 

  • Store Tear-Down  (age 15+)  At the end of Art Fair, volunteers help pack up supplies, prepare bins to return to storage, and clean up the area.

  • Volunteer Central  (age 17+)
    Volunteers help staff organize Volunteer Central:  check-in procedures, replenish snacks, etc.


Dart For Art 

  • Finish Line 
    Volunteers are responsible for distributing medals and water to all finishers of the race.

  • Greeters 
    Greeters direct people to the Townie Street Party.

  • Registration 
    Volunteers are responsible for distributing remaining racer shirts and packets to all race participants.


Townie Street Party 

  • Art Activity Zone
    Volunteers work with families, helping them with prepared make-and-take art projects.

  • Floater
    Floaters are assigned to cover shifts as needed due to unforeseen circumstances. A great spot for the easy-going, flexible volunteer.
  • Greeters 
    Greeters welcome visitors during & after the Dart For Art Race and direct them to the Townie Street Party.

  • Information/Souvenir Booth
    Volunteers sell Art Fair merchandise and this year's poster. You will also be an information source, answering questions about the Art Fair and Ann Arbor.

  • Pub Assistant (age 21+)
    Volunteers extend hospitality to guests at the Pub and monitor that the area is kept neat and clean.
  • Pub Gate (age 21+)
    Volunteers greet guests at the Townie Pub entrance. In addition, volunteers work with Security to maintain legal consumption of alcoholic beverages by preventing any alcohol from exiting the Pub. 
  • Pub Server (age 21+)
    Volunteers must be 21 or older to work in the Townie Pub; this position requires collecting visitors' tickets and serving alcohol.
  • Set-Up
    Volunteers set up chairs, clean signs, run errands. Townie Street Party is set up in one day. All are welcome.
  • Volunteer Central 
    Volunteers assist staff and organizing Volunteer Central: check-in procedures, errands, etc.



Volunteer Tips

Be Informed. Look through our web site before you arrive for your shift, visit pages like our Mission and History and Maps/Travel. Learn as much as you can about the Art Fair.  Once you put on that volunteer shirt, people will come to YOU for information!

Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes. Volunteers frequently are on their feet during the Art Fair -- no one likes blisters!

Dress for the Weather. Wear sunscreen and bring sunglasses as needed. Weather appropriate clothing helps you enjoy your time at the Art Fair!

Drink Plenty of Water. If it’s Art Fair, it's HOT!  Dehydration can be dangerous. You're encouraged to bring your own reusable water bottle to fill at the hydrant water fountain.

Be Flexible. Art Fair is an exciting, fast-paced environment where things can change on a dime. It’s a huge help when Volunteers are patient and understand they may be needed to do a different task than originally assigned. That being said, we’ll do our best to keep you happy and busy!

Have Fun!  You’re helping art thrive in our community - what could be better than that?!



2023 Business Friends

Our thanks to these local business friends for their generous donations toward the 2023 Volunteer Raffle and Volunteer Central operations: 

Bruegger’s Bagels

Busch's Fresh Foods Market

Cardamom Restaurant

Detroit Filling Station

Insomnia Cookies

Knight's Steakhouse

Luca Pastry


Metzger's German Restaurant

Miss Kim

A New Path Financial

Produce Station

Red Hawk Grill

RoosRoast Coffee


Spun Yarn Shop



Thank you!

  Art Fair wouldn't be the same without you!

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