Capraro, Ariana
Howell, MI
Artist Statement
Participating as part of the New Art, New Artist College Student Program. My new fairy series are of four fairies working at their craft. There is a doll maker, a jeweler, a book maker, and a confectioner. They are a little different from the human idea of these professions. The confectioner for example has impaled bugs on skewers and is dipping them into globs of honey. The size of the pieces allows me plenty of room for detail so I can tell a rich story with each picture. The keyhole shape is a way to link the illustrations together. This series has a little autobiographical aspect to it. The idea is that these fairies live in an old farmhouse like the one I grew up in. A lot of the furniture and details like the nails sticking out of the floorboards are things from my home. The bookmaker fairy came from my memory of reading in my dad?s art studio as a child.
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