Sudduth, Mark
Cleveland Heights, OH
Artist Statement
Mark J. Sudduth is a 1983 Graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art. He majored in Glass with a minor in Drawing. Mark has been operating a private studio since 1983. His work consists of hand blown and sculptural glass. There is a quality in glass that is generated by the glass itself. Those qualities are elusive, intriguing and seductive. I make them as much a part of my work as possible. I work with thick glass because it exhibits some qualities which interest me: depth, transparency, reflection and refraction. Strong form is also of importance and is something that I strive for. My work is hand blown and hand formed. Each piece is designed and executed by me with the help of one assistant. No molds or mechanical means of shaping are used. This form of hand blowing is a layering process. Color is the first layer on the blowpipe. Additional layers of clear glass or crystal are gathered over top of each other. A brief time is spent cooling and shaping between layers in preparation for the next gather.
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