Dykstra, John
Canton, MI
Artist Statement
John Dykstra is a lens-based artist living in Canton, Michigan. Dykstra has been a practicing photographer since 2007. Dykstra's work is about the persistence of the human spirit to make sense of life on earth. He explores themes of self-discovery, spirituality, perspective, and the journey to understanding. Mankind is an ever inquisitive species, continually raising questions about the circumstances of life. The answers we discover tend not to satisfy for long, and we continue to seek knowledge in hopes of quenching our thirst for meaning. Scientific facts often shift over time, and personal truths often realign, but we continue to seek out a concrete understand of ourselves and the world we live in. This quest to make sense of life, and by extension oneself, is an important one. Dykstra's work, in effect, is an attempt to do the same.
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