Abrams, Meyer
Peachtree City, GA
Artist Statement
In the last couple of years a series of significant events have inspired Meyer's latest collection of works. One of which involved a recently discovered family member. This person, on learning that Meyer was an artist, much like himself, sought out Meyer before his passing, to learn and share his love of photography and art. They're brief, yet profound experience of getting to know one another, led to such inspiration and impact, that Meyer has now let it become the underlining theme of his love and passion for photography. And in hopes of continuing to honor the brief profound moments and dreams of this powerful relationship, he now finds his work being lead by a spirit that is now "Meyer Abrams Art". Now infusing photography into his talent as an established artist, this new collection brings to light the aperture and focus of what the eye sees, and introduces it with everything that the heart feels and needs to express. Now Meyer Abrams finds his work filled with a rich texture that celebrates the reflection of life, both past and present, and how it embodies our own existence, struggles and celebration. "Many times my works are a personal reflection of emotions coming from a place or things remembered. This allows me to take a personal journey back to a given memory and bring it forward onto the canvas." Meyer approaches his work with energy and brisk intentions. Movement and action is sometimes left spontaneously on the surface. With a lens, along with palette knives, brushes and his hands, the moments that life gives us are brought forward in a rich vibrant thick texture of emotion. "I'm mostly inspired by capturing moments of simplicity. Whether it be in the movement of a branch or the stillness and strength of a tree alone in a landscape horizon. I find my self enamored by the life that surrounds me."
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