Van Leeuwen, Kale
Shawnee, KS
Artist Statement
Currently, my work is a process that starts with a photo, edited heavily, then collaged onto canvas. I am not as concerned much about the flatness and exactness of the gluing process. I like to let the wrinkles and tears happen naturally. After the glue has dried I paint directly on the image. In most cases up to 90% of the canvas with paint. I like to leave some of the photograph untouched. After that I glaze the entire painting with a gloss varnish. The varnish gives the surface a unified appearance. As this process has many steps, I usually work about 10-15 paintings at a time. Some artists don't like to tell their processes and "secrets", I however don't mind. Regardless of how a painting is created, no two artists execute exactly the same.
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