Krummel, Sabine
Lawrence, MI
Artist Statement
Artist Statement SABINE KRUMMEL I love to paint with bold and vibrant colors. It brings into focus the incredible beauty all around that I often ignore in my haste. My passion for watercolors lies in learning to let go. Watercolors take on a life of their own when I stop messing with them. They need space and water and patience. The rest is magic. I began working with acrylics on canvas to go even bigger and bolder. I often mix my watercolor techniques of fluid transparent colors with the thick textured paint of acrylics. I thought the transition would be a breeze. Think again! It can be frustrating, but what a wonderful challenge when I stop demanding perfection. My journey started in Austria. I was born and grew up in a tiny village in the alps of Austria. At age 13 I moved to Chicago. Culture shock to no end. Painting helped bridge this drastic cultural uproar. To this day painting is my deep inner joy. My permanent art studio is near Lake Michigan on a lovely dirt road where the wind sings and the colors fly.
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