Savrda, Tomas
Kent, CT
Artist Statement
I have studied to be a graphic designer and illustrator, and have been working in advertising for many years. That chapter in my life ended about 30 years ago, when I have decided to free myself from the commercial restrictions and create just what I wanted. I have, of course, always been creating objects for myself - be it collages, sculptural work, carvings and assemblages, but now I have started making art and craft to sell to others. I have started by making decorative ornaments and playful kinetic objects - at first single figures on stands, then progressed to wall stages with one, two, or up to six kinetic figures, interacting in some way. In my work I prefer using recycled materials whenever it is possible. Firstly, from an aesthetic point of view I like the look of weathered wood and salvaged metal with its patina and texture, showing its age. And from the environmental point of view I am pleased that the material does not end in the landfill somewhere, but will become transformed (hopefully) into a more interesting object. I also find attractive the look (and history) of old things. If I can find some item that fits exactly my purpose and expresses my idea and I can use it, then I will. Of course, there are many things I make, like the moving figures, where everything is cut individually by hand. I don't stamp the objects, or use power tools like lasers. And obviously I donā??t always find what I need, therefore do make many items which needed for assemblages and my sculptural work. In the past, I was making mostly decorative pieces, but more recently, mainly in assemblages, the content/message I like to convey has more urgency for me - at this point I am mostly interested in human condition - relationship and interaction between humans; and environmental issues and concerns.
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